Change to Academic Provision

Our Full Time Students continue to make us proud as they engage so fully in their online virtual school rooms and studio classes.

A huge thank you to our teachers, and to parents whose living rooms have been filled with song, and stripped of sofas!

Sadly at the end of term we say farewell to our full time academic offering as our day school pupils will move on to their new schools. It has been the hardest decision for us, but the most responsible for a small school in such an uncertain time. Many of our families are currently considering a transition to our new delivery of a 2 day vocational only package, which has been offered at the request of our parents.

The uncertainties of the current situation have forced the significant decision and we are deeply touched by the hundreds of emails received from past students and current Redroofs families. We realise that Redroofs is not alone in this situation. Our lives are changed and it has been an incredible privilege, since 1981, to be a full time stage school.

Please note that there is no change to our long term plan for the part time school and we know that many of our full time families will be remaining with Redroofs for their training.

Of course our part time and full time students are currently "working from home". We are SO excited at the prospect of returning to our own buildings as soon as we are permitted, and so incredibly grateful for the artistic community which we share. We hope that life won't be too quiet for too long!!! There are MANY more songs to be sung!